Do you have any doubts? We answer you

If you have any doubt, it will probably be resolved in this section. We resolve doubts about the methodology of the rental through our website, the ticketing service at our shop, and other information related to our business. However, if you don’t find what you search, you can call us at 00376833132 or send us an e-mail at We are at your disposal.

Doubts about the equipment rental

How can I rent equipment?

Renting equipment is very simple, you only have to click the tab ‘EQUIPMENT RENTAL’ of the upper menu. After selecting the days you will ski, if you are a woman, man, child, and which pack suits you the best. Introduce the name and surname when it asks you for it and click the basket to confirm and make the payment. The prices will change automatically as you change your day, pack, product, etc.

Can we rent different people and for how many days?

Yes, of course. You can rent the equipment up to 9 people at the same time. Furthermore, each one can ski on different days if you want it. You only have to select the date, the pack or material and confirm it afterwards putting it in the basket. And so forth for each person. It is not necessary to leave the page each time.

Renting through the website has advantages?

Of course! If you rent ski or snowboard equipment through our website, you will have a 20% discount as opposed to doing it directly at the store.

Do we pay everything through the website?

No. Through the website you pay 10% of the total equipment selected. The rest will be paid at the store.

Can I cancel the material once rented and paid?

Yes, it is possible. If you cancel it up to 24 hours before the day, you have to collect the material (from the opening schedule of the store, 8,30h), the total will be refunded to you. If the cancellation is made within this term, you will lose the 10% payment made through the website.

How many days can I rent the equipment?

The ski and snowboard equipment can be rented until a maximum of 7 days.

Until what age a person is considered a child?

They are considered children between 3 and 12 years old (both included). From 13 years old, the person will use adult equipment.

Doubts about the lockers

How much time can I store the equipment in the locker?

The time is limited as long as it is in the ski season.

Which type of lockers are found in the store?

There are 3 types of locker:

  1. Lockers to store the footwear while you are skiing. There are three little lockers (€1/day) and middle ones (€2/day).
  2. Lockers or cabinets for any type of ski and snowboard equipment. They can store 3 or 4 pairs. €8/day.
  3. Heated lockers for any type of ski and snowboard equipment. €15/day.

The company is held liable for the equipment stored?

No, the company is not held liable for the equipment stored in the lockers. Nor for the money, jewels, watches, etc.

Can they be booked through the website?

The lockers or cupboards cannot be booked through the website. They can only be contracted directly through the store.

Generic doubts

Do you open all the year?

At Esports Everest we open during all the ski season. Approximately from late November to late April. And we are at your service from 8.30h to 19.30h.

Can I go to Esports Everest at the Funicamp on foot?

Of course! We are only separated by 20 meters!

Besides renting, can I buy equipment at the store?

Yes, of course. We have a big surface dedicated to the sale of any kind of equipment related to the world of skiing and snowboarding. We work with the best brands as Salomon, Atomic, Burton, Julbo, Leki, Viking and a lot more.